The NYSGRC will provide international leadership in enabling collaborative structural biology research where partnerships with leading biologists will define and solve important questions in biology and disease.

PSI Biology Partners

Assembly, Dynamics and Evolution of Cell-Cell and Cell-Matrix Adhesions

Atoms-to-Animals: Structural Genomics of Immunity

Nucleocytoplasmic Transport: A Target for Cellular Control

NYSGRC Internal Projects

Anaerobic Structural Genomics
An Integrated System for Anaerobic Structural Genomics

Pathogen Secretome
Secreted Effector Proteins of Human Pathogens

Fold Universe
Uncovering the variety of topological arrangements in proteins

PSI Knowledge Base

The Protein Structure Initiative Structural Genomics Knowledgebase
(PSI SGKB) is designed to turn the products of the Protein Structure Initiative effort into knowledge that is important for understanding living systems and disease.

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