NYSGRC Internal Projects

The NYSGRC Biological Theme began with an initial focus on the effectors and essential enzymes of select Category A-C pathogens and has evolved to include targets from additional pathogens (e.g., Coxiella and Legionella). This evolution has continued, and we have expanded our efforts to environmentally important targets, including collaboration with Sean Brady (Rockefeller; natural products), Jason Crawford (Yale; natural products), Penny Chisholm (MIT; Prochlorococcus and carbon fixation), Michael Kahn and Svetlana Yurgel (Washington State University; Sinorhizobium and nitrogen fixation), Sharon Long (Stanford; Sinorhizobium), Allen Orville (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Sinorhizobium) and Anthony Sinskey (MIT; Rhodococcus opacus, Corynebacterium glutamicum and biofuels).